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>>> NEWS <<<<
hi there :)
i'm back somehow! a lot was going on the last months so i didn't made something new for this account. i'm hoping to make some new brushes, etc in the next time.

:heart: heide

thank you all for the many favs & comments :) they're really appreciated. :bow:</i>

>>> RULES <<<

* you can take my brushes for whatever you want, outside dA aswell. but you have to credit me!!

* some brushes are also free for commercial purposes, please sent me a note if you want to use them for it.

please visit my other (photography) account :iconllovelace: :)

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i decided to divide my brushes & my photography and made therefore a new account.

it's llovelace :)

you can find all my pictures there & i'll upload them just there from now.

so if you faved a picture, please refave it there.
you can also watch me there if you like.


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:iconbaden-wuerttemberg: :iconmoulin-rouge-club: :iconpure-placebo: :iconstaind-lovers:
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so here i go again updating my journal.
now that i'm uploading more photography, i'm thinking of using another account for pictures.. separated from my brushes.. but i can't think of a name... i'm not sure yet.
what do you think?



my clubs:
:iconbaden-wuerttemberg: :iconmoulin-rouge-club: :iconpure-placebo: :iconstaind-lovers:
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i uploaded some very old pictures, they were taken in 2006 on my italy trip with my love & his family.
i've got nothing more too say but i wanted to update my journal.
i want a better camera, i'm saving my money at the moment for a canon 400D. any opinion?
i also look very much forward to see sweeney todd in cinema <3
and i'll be 20 in a few days :/



my clubs:
:iconbaden-wuerttemberg: :iconmoulin-rouge-club: :iconpure-placebo: :iconstaind-lovers:
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i'm very proud to show you my first series. i'm very proud of it, too ;) i hope you like it. i shoot the pictures when my dog was sleeping on my chair behind me.. she's lovely, isn't she? i really wish for a better camera. i'd love to have better quality pictures! but well i haven't got that much money. maybe some day :]

have a nice day.


my clubs:
:iconbaden-wuerttemberg: :iconmoulin-rouge-club: :iconpure-placebo: :iconstaind-lovers:
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  • Reading: your mind! haha x)
  • Watching: ncis soon!
  • Eating: a lovely little chocolate ball named 'lindor'
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  • Reading: harry potter V

well, i don't have much to say. i did these icons today ^^ i hope simso will like them... i just changed his...
i'm feeling kinda depressed & silly at the moment. i have nothing to do... i'm just doing nothing the whole day & that's very very bad for me.

my clubs.

:iconbaden-wuerttemberg: :iconmoulin-rouge-club: :iconpure-placebo: :iconstaind-lovers:
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  • Reading: harry potter V
  • Watching: heroes this evening &lt;3 yay!
  • Playing: the sims 2
  • Eating: lunch - hopefully soon
  • Drinking: anti-cough-stuff
well i couldn't stand the look of my brush previews any longer so i made new previews.
also i made new brushsets! three in number.
i'm planing to make an english version of my homepage soon so that people who don't understand german can visit my page aswell & can find my brushes.

:heart: :iconsimso:

stay well.

:iconbaden-wuerttemberg: :iconmoulin-rouge-club: :iconpure-placebo:
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  • Watching: harry potter I
  • Playing: the sims 2
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i was tagged by :iconandrina-veria: so here's my very first journal entry showing it ;)

the rules are:
1. post these rules
2. each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
3. tags should write a journal/blog of these facts
4. at the end of the post 8 more persons are tagged and named
5. go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged

there you go:

#1 - i dye my hair very often because i love variety
#2 - i can't stop myself from biting my fingers
#3 - i love spanish & want to study it as soon as possible
#4 - i have an alarm-clock that plays radio to wake me up & if it's a good song, i'm in great mood the whole day
#5 - i have an ancestor who's from mongolia & i'm proud of it ^^
#6 - i'm typical aquarius, i seldom get my ideas done.
#7 - i can get very very very horrid if i'm hungry - & i'm in love with snickers :heart:
#8 - i want to adopt at least one child when i'm older

& now i tag:








& another one who wants to be tagged x)